Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Snails - The Musical! in COLOR! (watercolor)

Doing a little experiment here. This batch of snails was drawn on watercolor paper with a Pitt India ink pen and then colored with real, honest-to-goodness NON-digital watercolors (an awkward exercise for somebody who hasn't touched the things in about 20 years). Next up, I am going to do another set of the same snails and color them in the computer. The purpose of the exercise is for me to see whether the digital or the traditional medium works better (for me). Stay tuned.

Okay, so now here is a set done in Painter with a gouache brush (I started with digital watercolor but couldn't get a decent texture out of Painter no matter what paper type I used). I dig the crunchiness of the watercolor version but I'm not a fan of how pale and delicate those colors look. Especially against the outrageously rich colors that come from digital painting.

One thing that I should have tried is adding some NOISE to the color layer of the digital version... maybe I'll give that a try next time.

One more set! Can you dig it?

This next version was an attempt at fake watercolors using a couple of combo watercolor brushes in Artrage. This isn't too bad. It keeps some of the scruffiness of real watercolors but has the advantage of digital tweaking and a much more vibrant color palette. I'll have to mess about with this experiment a bit more before I call it a win.

So much for round 1.

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